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Yulin Qin & Juyan Chen

Mr. Yulin Qin and Mrs Juyan Chen are a married couple born in Hebei, China. They graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in the early 1960s. Receiving guidance from famous painting masters such as Qifeng Sun, Zuo Fu, and Lang Xiao, they had established a solid foundation and profound attainment in traditional Chinese painting. Their works had been shown in various national and provincial exhibitions and won many awards and prizes. Their artistic achievements and biographies have been recorded in "Records of Famous Persons of Chinese Art Circle."

Since retirement in the 1990's, they have been focusing on meticulous birds & flowers painting, and Yulin Qin is also skilled in painting ancient beautiful ladies. In 2014, when they immigrated to Canada, they were very inspired by the beauty of nature here and have been devoting themselves to painting local flowers and birds with this painstaking style of Chinese art, which has been inherited by fewer and fewer people because of its time-consuming and delicate work.

Flowers, birds, insects and pets, all of them are constructed exquisitely and portrayed vividly. The delicate lines, lifelike shaping and elegant tinting radiate a lingering charm, giving people an unforgettable enjoyment. Their paintings have been treasured by many friends, and have very high value or ornament and collection. Appreciating this old couple's artworks, you can share their feelings from the bottom of their hearts – pureness, elegance, peace and love.

Lotus & Mandarin Ducks
16" x 22"
Dahlia & Squirrel
Four Noble Friends (Set of 4)
11" x 36"
$5600 or $1500 sold separately
16" x 25"
Peony & Birds (Set of 4)
11"x 36"
Pink Peonies
13" x 13"
Purple Peonies
13" x 13"