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Our Story

We are certain that you are all compelled and confused with what we've been doing at Uptown 7th...

The project initially began as an unexpected 6 month rejuvenation project in an attempt to inject a bit of culture in and on a bleak street that lays in the shadow of the Calgary Tower and in the heart of downtown Calgary YYC. Uptown 7th has now metamorphasized into an art gallery and creative center for multifaceted local and Canadian artists. The high visibility of our location allows us to capture at least a few hearts in the sea of wanderers that traverse 7th Ave and 1st Street Station S.W.

Uptown 7th is a self funded endeavor and art gallery in its purest sense; not beholden to static displays of pictures and sculptures but a fluid art-tastic space that uses creativity as a fundamental business model to stimulate the perceptions of what any place and space has the potential to be. Uptown 7th is representative of the diverse cultural mosaic of Calgary and whether that be through visual art displays, performance art, live music, film, improv, artisan products, or what have you name, it is all a possibility here.

The Future

It is anticipated that a robotic parkade may be in place as part of the redevelopment on the back half of the property with 5 or 6 rejuvenated retaiI bays. Projected initial construction would commence in the Spring of 2016. Despite our limited time here, we intend to seek out another permanent or semipermanent location until the development is completed.